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Windows Aurora OH Homeowners have many reasons for wanting to improve their home value. Whether you’re looking to put your home on the market or you need a reappraisal, raising the value of your home is beneficial on many levels.

There are several ways to increase your home value, and upgrading your home’s exterior is one of them. Entry doors can give your home a new boost along with vinyl siding, but windows are another excellent option to improve the value of your Aurora, Ohio home.

Here are the ways that this exterior upgrade can boost property value and make your home a better place to live:

Increase Curb Appeal

Who doesn’t love coming home to a gorgeous home that looks like it came straight out of HGTV magazine? When it comes to increasing curb appeal, the best place to start is the exterior of your home. It’s the first thing that the world sees as they pass by, and it sets the tone for the overall impression of your home.

Adding new exterior options, such as window replacement, can dramatically increase the impact of your curb appeal. This is especially the case when you choose window styles such as bay and bow, geometric (think about shapes such as diamond, octagon, hexagon, etc.) as well as garden and large picture windows for a dramatic effect.

Save More Energy

Window installation is one of the best ways to save energy in the home. Generally, window replacement should occur every 15 years, but you’ll need to replace much sooner if your products are low quality.

However, even premium exterior products lose their efficiency after years go by. You’ll know that it’s time for replacement if you are experiencing drafts in your home, condensation between the glass panes, and skyrocketing energy bills, you’ll need another option that’s much more efficient.

UniShield® is a popular replacement window with homeowners all over Aurora. They are high quality, affordable, and last for years in terms of efficiency and aesthetics. Our quality vinyl is guaranteed to remain bright and vibrant for up to 20 years thanks to our color factory process—which boosts curb appeal and makes your home look more modern.

Get ready to improve your home with professional window installation. Contact UWD to learn more.