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Window Replacement Hudson OH Whether it’s summer, winter, or somewhere in between, an uncomfortable home impacts the whole family. It’s either too hot or too cold, and your energy bills continuously rise. At some point, window replacement becomes an obvious option—but do you know all of the signs that it’s time to replace your windows?

The reality is that homeowners won’t always know when it’s time to replace their windows. There are signs that aren’t so obvious, and it results in depleting your bank account by wasting energy dollars.

These are the top clues that it’s time to replace your windows in your Hudson, Ohio home:

Your Current Windows Are Over 15 Years Old

When was the last time that you replaced your windows? High quality windows can last 15-20 years, while low budget windows may only last 5-7. Once your windows reach a certain age, it’s time to start questioning their performance.

There’s a Draft in the Air

The draft that you feel while sitting on the couch might not be in your head. Over time, even the most efficient home windows begin to lose their ability to block out unwanted air. One easy way to discover drafts is to place your hand in front of the window sash or sill on a windy day. Large drafts will make it easy to feel the breeze making its way right through your windows.

Your Energy Bills Keep Going Up

One of the most obvious signs that it’s time for window replacement is rising energy bills. Although energy bills can spike during the winter and summer, your gas or electric bill shouldn’t drastically increase from one year to the next. Look back on your energy bills over the last 5 years and see if you can pick out any trends, or if the average cost of your energy bills have gone up.

UniShield® windows from Universal Windows Direct are some of the most efficient windows in Hudson. This glass package incorporates dual and triple pane glass, argon or krypton gas between the panes, and one-to-two coats of low-e glazing.

When you choose UniShield® windows from Universal Windows Direct, homeowners can save up to $465 per year on utility bills.

If you’re ready to replace your inefficient windows, contact Universal Windows Direct today.