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Window Installation Stow OH

When you’re upgrading your Stow, Ohio home with new replacement windows, most homeowners have two primary focuses: aesthetics and energy savings. While these two factors are certainly big concerns when it comes to enhancing your home, there is another consideration that you don’t want to ignore: window installation.

The installation of replacement windows plays a large role with your performance expectations. Before you push thoughts about window installation to the wayside, this is why you need to recognize its importance:

Window Installation Impacts Energy Efficiency

It’s no secret that new windows can help save you money. In fact, windows that are certified by Energy Star can save homeowners up to $465 per year. However, energy efficient glass packages are only half of the equation for these savings.

For example, Universal Windows Direct offers UniShield® glass packages that come with argon and krypton gases. UniShield® Plus is the most popular glass package with Stow homeowners, which comes equipped with dual pane technology, argon gas, and a single coat of low-e glazing.

However, if this window is improperly installed, its energy savings will be much less impressive. Even the most energy efficient windows will fail to perform if they’re not installed correctly.

You’ll Get Less Mileage from Your Windows

In addition to decreased energy efficiency, homeowners will also get less mileage out of their windows with bad installation. This means that the windows’ performance won’t live up to the full potential, resulting in issues such as leaks.

Leaky windows increase the risk of moisture damage on both the inside and outside of your home. If water makes its way into the interior of your home, it can cause moisture damage on the window sills, walls, and more. It may also cause mold and mildew growth.

Don’t Skimp on Professional Installation

When you combine professional installation with UniShield® windows, you’ll experience the complete effect of energy savings. UniShield® windows from UWD are engineered to lower your utility bills throughout the seasons. Whether you choose our Classic package or the Supreme package, your home will become a better place to live with UniShield® windows.


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