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Window Installation Bath OH Window installation is a simple process. You simply remove the existing window from the wall, pop the new one in its place, and add some caulking to keep out drafts. It couldn’t be simpler to install new windows in your Bath, Ohio home—right?

Not so fast. Window installation is a process that requires skill and specific techniques to get the job done right. A professional window contractor can not only ensure that your windows are properly installed, but they can also help you make the right choice in terms of aesthetics and style.

The right way to approach your new replacement window project is by contacting a company such as Universal Windows Direct. We’re knowledgeable, friendly, and ensure that our customers receive the best experience possible for their next home improvement project.

Education Comes First

While many window companies in Bath focus on the final sale, we take a different approach here at Universal Windows Direct. Our representatives are completely focused on helping you understand the window installation process from the time you pick your window style to the very last walkthrough.

When another home improvement company attempts to bully you into making a choice before you have your ducks in a row, it’s time to choose the company who cares about your time and budget.

Choosing Products that Last

Another hoop that homeowners have to jump through involves product quality. For years, Bath homeowners have been lead astray into believing that the cheapest products are the best choice. However, this simply isn’t the case. You don’t need to drain your life savings in order to afford new home windows, but you don’t want to cut corners when it comes to improving the value of your home.

This is where UniShield® windows from UWD changes the game. These windows are affordable and exceed expectations in terms of quality, style, and cost. Available in four tiers of energy saving glass packages, homeowners can have the very best that new energy efficient windows can offer.

The best place to start is with UniShield® Plus. This is the most popular pick for UniShield®, and it’s engineered with dual pane technology, argon gas between the panes, and a single coating of low-e glazing to maximize efficiency. Learn more by contacting us today.