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Window Companies Canton OH Many window companies in Canton, Ohio leave homeowners frustrated and disappointed. Some price too high, others price too low, and hardly any companies combine quality with affordable pricing. While many window companies miss the mark with industry-leading technology, Universal Windows Direct proves itself as the go-to window company in the Canton area.

Universal Windows Direct is one of the most recognizable home improvement companies in northeast Ohio. We earned our stellar reputation by offering the industry’s best products and competitive pricing. Our prices might not be bottom dollar, but we’re affordable and can accommodate to a variety of budgets.

How Does Universal Windows Direct Compete Against Other Window Companies?

Universal Windows Direct was founded in 2002, and ever since then we’ve climbed our way to the top. We’ve surpassed customer expectations and received stellar reviews on Facebook and Google. When you talk to our customers, it’s easy to see why Universal Windows Direct is the community’s go-to replacement window company.

In addition to exceptional customer service, Universal Windows Direct is dedicated to bringing the best value to homeowners around northeast Ohio. Our quality replacement windows are engineered with the best materials in the industry, including titanium dioxide. This material enhances the structural integrity of our windows and keeps them performing for years to come.

Our secret weapon against every other window company is our UniShield® windows. UniShield® is exclusive to Universal Windows Direct, and the glass packages are designed to save homeowners an exceptional amount of money on their utility bills.

More About UniShield® Windows

UniShield® windows are available in four tiers of energy saving glass packages, including Classic, Plus, Premium, and Supreme. The most popular option is our UniShield® Plus package, which includes dual pane glass, argon gas between the panes, and a coat of low-e glazing to control infrared energy.

The epitome of energy savings is within our UniShield® Supreme windows. These windows use triple pane technology, krypton gas in place of argon, and a double coat of low-e glazing. It incorporates the industry’s top performing energy-saving technology in order to offer the best product on the market.

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