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Vinyl Siding Kent OH Kent, Ohio has its fair share of beautiful homes with impressive curb appeal. While every home has something unique to offer, it’s hard to deny that vinyl siding in Kent is a popular exterior choice. However, it’s no coincidence that you’ll find a lot of homes with vinyl siding in Kent. Homeowners choose this style for a variety of reasons, from its durability to its beauty. If you’re considering vinyl for your home’s exterior, here are a few reasons why you’re bound to love your new siding:

  • Quality vinyl siding instantly transforms your home. When your home needs some extra oomph and you want your curb appeal to feel new again, vinyl siding is essentially a no-brainer. It’s bright, beautiful, and can make your home stand out from others on the block.
  • In terms of aesthetics, vinyl siding in Kent is also very versatile. Homeowners can choose from traditional colors such as creams and tans, or go bold with colors such as mystic blue or arbor green.
  • Keep in mind that aesthetic features don’t stop at color. Homeowners can also choose from numerous vinyl accents, such as shakes, scallops, and soffit. Cedar shakes and beveled edge Dutch lap can also kick the appearance of your siding up a notch.
  • Aside from the beauty of vinyl, you can’t discount its quality and durability when you choose Universal Windows Direct. Our vinyl siding is engineered with heavy-gauge plastic to ensure its structural integrity.
  • Furthermore, our UniShield® vinyl siding is some of the most energy efficient on the market. Its efficiency can be enhanced when you upgrade with Universal Housewrap, which reduces air infiltration and eliminates energy transfer points—which helps save homeowners more energy.
  • Vinyl siding in Kent is also very low in maintenance. Homeowners will only need to occasionally wipe down the boards if they collect atmospheric dirt, which cleans away in no time flat.

Whether your home is a Colonial, Cape Cod, Ranch, or Bungalow, vinyl siding is sure to complement your architecture and lower your utility bills. To learn more about our vinyl siding options, contact us today at 330-221-7805.