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Vinyl Siding Canton OHBefore you consider having vinyl siding installed on your Canton home, take a moment to think about energy. Saving energy, that is.

When you place vinyl siding on a flat surface, it’s easy to see the air pockets that are typically hidden after installation. With the freeze-thaw cycle of Ohio bearing down on your home, those spaces make your new siding susceptible to denting. They also allow noise to move unobstructed through your home’s exterior walls. But the biggest problem with these unfilled spaces, typical of other siding installations, is that they allow for continuous airflow—cold air in the winter and hot air in the summer.

That air blasting beneath your home's siding can dramatically diminish any energy you might be saving in the form of energy-efficient appliances or an updated heating and cooling system.

Universal Windows Direct offers a unique solution to lost energy efficiency.

UWD’s Fullback contoured insulated underlayment installed on your home, prior to the installation of our UniShield® Supreme vinyl siding, provides a state-of-the-art, energy-efficient barrier that fills the spaces beneath the vinyl siding.

UWD’s Fullback contoured insulated underlayment is a specially engineered foam that fits beneath our exclusive UniShield® vinyl siding. The spaces between your home’s siding and exterior wall sheathing are protected and better insulated.

Because UWD invests so much money in research and development, our tests have proven that our premium Fullback contoured underlayment can outperform traditional vinyl siding installed without insulation. That superior energy efficiency makes UWD’s UniShield® vinyl siding an integral part of an energy-efficient Canton, OH home. And when you save money on heating and cooling bills, over time, your Universal Windows Direct UniShield® vinyl siding can even pay for itself.