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Siding Contractors Kent OH Siding contractors are experts in their fields and seriously skilled at their crafts. Kent, Ohio is filled with siding contractors that serve every neighborhood, but not every contractor has the expertise to bring your siding project to life. In fact, you need to be careful in terms of who you hire to upgrade your home exterior. If your project lands in the hands of the wrong contractor, it can spell big trouble to you as a homeowner.

Unfortunately, you can’t necessarily tell if a contractor is the real deal just by appearance. What’s worse is that storm chasers occasionally enter the area and blindside homeowners by collecting an astronomical amount of money and skipping town. This is the last thing that you want to happen, so here is how you can confidently hire a professional to get the job done.

A Proven and Impressive Portfolio

While it’s easy enough for a contractor to say they’ve completed hundreds of siding jobs around Kent, it means nothing if they don’t have a portfolio to provide. Our portfolio is full of quality projects containing UniShield® vinyl siding—featuring top quality materials, thick panels, and vibrant colors that last up to 20 years.

Customer Testimonials

When you need more evidence that you’re truly dealing with a top-quality contractor, you’ll find a goldmine of evidence online in form of customer testimonials. Tech savvy home improvement companies will often publish customer testimonials on YouTube or even Facebook.

On the other hand, you can also find plenty of reviews on places like Google My Business, Facebook, and Angie’s List. Be on the lookout for companies that offer quality products. UniShield® is the best option for installing top-notch siding that doesn’t break the bank. It’s designed to last longer, perform better, and give a better value than competitive products.

Verifiable Insurance

While you want your new contractor to be efficient and provide beautiful work, you don’t want to undermine the importance of insurance. Any siding contractor doing business without insurance is walking a fine line. If a crew member becomes injured on the job, you may be held responsible for medical bills if they don’t have their own insurance. Contact the insurance company with the presented member ID for further verification.

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