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Siding Canton OH Your home’s siding has a couple of big tasks to tackle: protecting the exterior and making it look more beautiful. There is no denying that this upgrade has a large impact on your curb appeal, but it can also have a big impact on your bank account as well. While many homeowners in Canton, Ohio, would like to save money on their new exterior, the reality is that choosing bottom dollar siding won’t do your home any favors.

Unfortunately, there are a variety of cheap exterior options that will give your home a fast transformation but fall short on performance and durability. When you want to get the most out of your investment, this is what you need to look for to ensure your home remains beautiful and well protected for years to come:

Choosing Vinyl Material

Vinyl is one of the most popular and durable exterior materials on the market. When you learn about the benefits of vinyl, this comes as no surprise. One of the biggest reasons why homeowners choose vinyl is due to its aesthetics—especially when you work alongside Universal Windows Direct.

UWD offers an extensive selection of colorful hues inspired from nature. Whether you’re looking for traditional tan or a bright and vibrant green, homeowners won’t be shorthanded with our premium UniShield® exterior panels.

Not only can you pick the perfect color to complement your curb appeal, but you can also upgrade your home with extra aesthetic features. Vinyl scallops add the perfect touch of character to any home, and you can even transform your curb appeal from top to bottom with vinyl cedar shakes.

What About Durability?

Durability is directly linked to quality. The reality is that you can’t expect cheap vinyl panels to stand the test of time. UniShield® panels from Universal Windows Direct are a homeowner’s dream in terms of quality, durability, and beauty.

Our siding panels are engineered with durability in mind. They are up to .46” thick, which well surpasses builder’s grade quality panels. You’ll get more years and more mileage out of UniShield® vinyl exterior, and we provide professional installation to ensure top performance year after year.

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