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Exclusive to Universal Windows Direct, UniShield® high performance glass is one of the primary reasons are windows are amongst the best in the industry.

UniShield® high performance glass contain not only higher fill rates of the energy saving innert gases in modern replacement windows, they also have longer gas retention rates of other glass packages. This means more money saved on energy bills and back in your pocket!

  • Classic

    Unishield® CLASSIC

    Quality and value in one package. Two panes of clear glass and air space to reduce lost energy.

  • Plus

    UniShield® PLUS

    The most popular glass package. Offers solar contol and UV protection which translates to reduced heating and cooling costs. Energy Star rated, Two-pane, low-e coated, Argon gas filling.

  • Premium

    UniShield® PREMIUM

    A triple pane version of our Plus package. Offers increased thermal benefits as well as reduced noise transfer. Energy Star rated.

  • Supreme

    UniShield® SUPREME

    The best glass package you can get! Energy Star rated, triple pane with low-e coating, and Krypton glass filling.

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