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Manufactured between the glass panes for easy cleaning. All grids are availble in our standard in color options to compliment your window's design.

Grid Styles

  • Colonial Flat

    Colonial Flat

  • Colonial Contour

    Colonial Contour

  • Antique Brass

    Antique Brass

  • Colonial Slimline Brass

    Colonial Slimline Brass

  • Contour Prairie Style

    Contour Prairie Style

  • Double Prairie Style

    Double Prairie Style

  • Diamond Flat

    Diamond Flat

Glass Views (Etched Glass)

  • Diamond View

    Diamond View

  • Colonial View

    Colonial View

  • Prairie View

    Prairie View

  • Double Prairie View

    Double Prairie View

  • Elongated Floral View

    Elongated Floral View

  • Floral View

    Floral View

  • Obscure


  • Rain Glass

    Rain Glass

Simulated Divide Lites

Simulated Divide LitesFor homeowners on a budget, simulated divided lites offer a similar look to our standard grids at a reduced costs. Manufactured on the exterior of the panes, they are availble in the same color options as our traditional interior grids.