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New Windows Canton OH New windows are one of the best investments homeowners can make. Replacement windows offer a variety of benefits, from boosting curb appeal to making your home more energy efficient. When it’s time to upgrade with new windows in Canton, Ohio, homeowners often want to know the benefits and value that our products bring to the table. Here is what you can expect when you enhance your home with new windows:

  • New windows offer a ROI (return on investment) of approximately 60%. This is a considerably high ROI, which makes new replacement windows a great choice for your next exterior upgrade.
  • Not only do new windows offer a high ROI, but they also help homeowners save money. Canton homeowners can save up to $465 per year on your energy bills—especially if you’re switching from single to dual pane windows.
  • UniShield® windows from Universal Windows Direct offer the best value in terms of energy savings. UniShield® is engineered to take energy savings to the next level by incorporating industry-leading features. Homeowners can choose from four tiers of energy saving glass packages, which become increasingly more efficient with every option.
  • The most popular UniShield® option at Universal Windows Direct is the UniShield® Premium package. UniShield® Premium is engineered with two panes of glass, argon gas between the panes, and a coat of low-e glazing. These features increase the thermal efficiency of your home and keeps your energy bills low throughout the seasons.
  • Keep in mind that new windows can also make your home look more beautiful. Vinyl windows from Universal Windows Direct are available in a variety of colors that complement your home, whether your goal is to complement or contrast with your home’s current color scheme.
  • There are also numerous decorative options, including decorative glass and grids. Many homeowners love our diamond grids, and prairie glass adds an excellent decorative touch to nearly any home.

To find out more with how windows from Universal Windows Direct can benefit your home in Canton, contact us today for a free in-home consultation.