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Home Windows Canton OH Canton, Ohio homeowners typically have an idea of what kind of exterior products that they want for their home. One of the most requested options for home windows is ease of maintenance. When you don’t want to dedicate a large amount of time tending to your interior and exterior window frames, there are some options that will make any homeowner in Canton happy.

Universal Windows Direct offers vinyl replacement windows that are exceptionally low maintenance. They’re a popular pick due to their undeniable beauty, affordability, and energy saving features. When you want the best in terms of low maintenance, aesthetics, and more, here are the best options for your home:

Premium Vinyl Windows

The key to low maintenance windows is within its frames. Wood windows have been a material option for centuries, and they certainly can make an impact on your home. However, wood windows also have many downfalls that make homeowners think twice.

Wood is a high maintenance material that requires extra attention to look its best. If you neglect wood window frames, the frames may chip, crack, or even rot and crumble away. Maintenance requires regular sanding to keep the wood even, making it easy to re-apply your favorite paint or stain color.

If this sounds like a lot of work, you’re right. That’s why vinyl windows from Universal Windows Direct are a popular option for homeowners. You won’t ever have to pick up a paintbrush and you can say goodbye to rotting, peeling, or cracking.

What are the Best Low Maintenance Windows?

UniShield® windows from UWD are virtually maintenance free and last for years. We’re so confident with our color process that we guarantee that our vinyl will maintain its color for 20 years---and we’ve included this in our warranty.

Not only are our home windows beautiful and easy to maintain, but they are also energy efficient. Thanks to UniShield®’s innovative technology with triple or dual pane glass, argon or krypton, or low-e glazing, homeowners can enjoy a savings of up to $465 per year.

When you want windows that won’t break the bank and don’t require a ton of attention, consider vinyl UniShield® windows from Universal Windows Direct.