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Front Doors Twinsburg OHAt some point in the process of buying a new front door for your Twinsburg home you might run into some confusing terminology. This quick guide from Universal Windows Direct can help clear up industry jargon and put you on the fast track to selecting the front door that’s right for you.

  • Inswing is simply a front door that opens inward
  • Outswing is a front door that opens on the outside of your home
  • Left Hand is defined slightly different, depending on if your front door is Inswing or Outswing. For inswing front doors in Twinsburg, hinges are on the right side of the door. For an outswing front door, the hinges are on the left. This is from the perspective of viewing your front door from the exterior of your home.
  • Lite is a pane of glass in your front door
  • Divided Lite are panes of glass that are divided, or simply appear to be divided
  • Grilles are essentially the same as what you’d find in replacement windows. They are made of plastic, wood, or metal and give the appearance of divided lines in your glass panel.
  • Caming refers to strips that join segmented glass

Front Doors in Twinsburg, Ohio: Materials

Materials for terminology for front doors are a little more straightforward. Universal Windows Direct offers two materials for front doors in Twinsburg: steel and fiberglass.

Steel front doors in Twinsburg are engineered with an energy efficient foam core. They are extremely durable and one of the most secure front doors available on the market.

Fiberglass front doors, such as those from Universal Windows Direct, give the appearance of real wood without the hassle of maintenance. This option is also very energy efficient and comes in a variety of colors. You can stain them to look like real wood or have them professionally painted.

Learn More About Front Doors in Twinsburg, Ohio

Did you know that Universal Windows Direct also carries premium doors in addition to windows? When you’re shopping for a new front door, you can’t go wrong with Universal Windows Direct. Contact us today for your free in-home estimate at 330-221-7805.