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Front Doors Copley OHAre you shopping for front doors in Copley, Ohio? If so, the material of that front door will be one of your top considerations before purchasing. Front doors in Copley come in a variety of materials, with steel being one of the most innovative options.

If you have yet to explore or consider steel front doors in Copley for your home, it’s a great time to review their features and benefits. Steel front doors have a lot to offer Copley homeowners, and the follow is a list of their top benefits:

  • Steel front doors are notably durable. They will not warp or rot like wood, and they are relatively low maintenance. Wood front doors require staining and sanding throughout the years—something you won’t have to worry about with steel.
  • In addition to durability, steel front doors offer an extra level of security that almost any other front door can’t match. Steel takes security from front doors up a notch and makes it extremely difficult with forced entry or damaging the door.
  • On a budget? Steel front doors are a cost effective option that is both aesthetic and energy efficient.
  • Steel front doors add an interesting element for curb appeal. You can opt for the color of traditional steel, or have your steel door painted a color of your choice from Universal Windows Direct’s color selection.
  • Steel front doors are engineered with a polyurethane foam core. This core is an insulation barrier than helps keep unwanted hot and cold air outdoors, so your home will feel more comfortable all year long.
  • This foam core measures in around 2 ½ inches thick and helps make steel front doors one of the most energy efficient front doors on the market. Steel front doors can help homeowners in Copley cut energy costs and keep more money in the bank.

For homeowners looking for an affordable and energy efficient option for their new front door, steel doors have a lot to offer. For more information on steel front doors, get in touch with Universal Windows Direct for your free in-home consultation by calling 330-221-7805.