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Front Doors Canton OHHere’s the problem with some of the new doors installed on Canton, OH homes: They ain’t got that swing.

Turn the door knobs on those doors and they’ll open, sort of, but sometimes they stick because they are warped; and sometimes they won’t close properly because they can’t be adjusted; and sometimes they don’t sit in the frames correctly because the houses have settled.

Front doors, from Universal Windows Direct, come with patented “swing” built in. You can spot the homes that have UniShield® front doors hanging on them correctly right away.

UniShield® front doors feature a patented adjustable hinge plate system that’s built right in. That’s a lot of fancy jargon for saying that when UniShield® doors are installed on homes they can be adjusted as normal settling and climate changes happen. Try that with a box store door brand. It’s not happening.

With a UWD door installed, all a Canton, OH homeowner has to do is grab a screwdriver and make any necessary adjustments to the patented hinge plate system. Once Universal Windows Direct’s professional front door installation team leaves the jobsite, homeowners with UniShield® front doors can adjust the doors up and down if needed, which means they’ll always open perfectly.

And speaking of swing, UniShield® is sold exclusively by Universal Windows Direct, which means the patented hinge plate system can only be found on the new doors sold and installed by us.

If your Canton, OH home’s front door could use a little extra swing, call Universal Windows Direct to schedule an in-home consultation. One of our replacement door experts will review the front door options with you, right in the comfort of your Canton, OH living room.