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Exterior Siding Twinsburg OH Exterior siding can entirely transform the look of your home from top to bottom. There are numerous architectural styles of homes in Twinsburg, Ohio, and every one of them has home siding that adds unique character. Finding the right type of siding for your home can be a challenge, especially when you’re trying to balance budget with aesthetics.

If you need a durable and beautiful exterior siding option that won’t break the bank, vinyl is the go-to option for homeowners throughout Twinsburg.

Homeowners choose vinyl as their exterior option for the following reasons:

  • Vinyl is an incredibly durable material, especially when it’s engineered with the best quality ingredients on the market. Universal Windows Direct uses today’s top technologies to create custom exterior for homeowners. Our siding is built to last and won’t disappoint in terms of aesthetics or durability.
  • Aside from durability, choosing this material as your siding is the right choice to boost your curb appeal. Brick and stone might be beautiful, but UniShield® siding offers dozens of options in terms of paint and stain colors to complement your home.
  • If wood is on your mind for your new siding, you might want to think twice. Wood is prone to warping over time, especially when it is exposed to sun. Furthermore, wood can also rot when it’s not maintained. This allows water to get behind the panels and potentially turn into a mold or mildew infestation.
  • Another downside is that wood requires regular sanding, painting, or staining. While your new wood siding might look beautiful on installation day, it might be a different story in 5 years.
  • Universal Windows Direct uses a factory-through color process to ensure that our exterior siding looks beautiful until it’s time for your next upgrade. This means that your vinyl siding will remain breathtaking and vibrant for 10 years or longer—and you’ll never have to pick up a paint brush to maintain your vinyl.
  • Siding panels from Universal Windows Direct are available between .44”-.46”, which is right on the mark for high quality siding. Our exterior is designed to look as beautifully as it performs, and homeowners are sure to love their siding for years to come.

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