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Exterior Siding Kent OH The exterior of your home serves as a shield from the elements. There are numerous options available in terms of exterior siding materials, including wood, aluminum, and vinyl. Wood is a classic siding option that can certainly be beautiful, but it has its downsides with maintenance. It’s also prone to rot, which can be costly to repair and replace.

Aluminum was a popular siding option several decades ago, but it’s not the most energy efficient option for the home. If you’re truly looking to transforming your home from the inside out, vinyl siding is the go-to option for homeowners in Kent, Ohio.

What’s Great About Vinyl Exterior Siding?

Vinyl is one of the most popular exterior options in Kent and across the country as well. It has quickly become the best option for several reasons, including its beauty, affordability, and durability. Vinyl truly is the complete package for making your home look more beautiful, enhancing its performance, and protecting it from the elements.

Choosing The Right Vinyl Siding

Just like other home improvement products, not all vinyl is created equal. Poor quality vinyl panels are thin, flimsy, and won’t stand the test of time. They may be easy on the pocketbook, but they won’t properly protect your home and will fall short with enhancing the exterior of your home.

Universal Windows Direct offers some of the best vinyl exterior in Kent. UniShield® is exclusive to our company, and it’s engineered with the finest materials on the market. Our exterior siding is available in three tiers—Classic, Premium, and Supreme. Each tier level has something to offer in terms of aesthetics, durability, and quality. In fact, Universal Windows Direct is dedicated to offering homeowners top quality siding at an affordable price.

When you’re choosing your new exterior, be sure to select panels that are between .44”-.46” thick. This reinforces the structural integrity of the vinyl and helps you get the most out of your investment.

You can also further enhance your home with decorative upgrades, including vinyl scallops and soffit. Regardless of your home’s architecture, you’re sure to find the right siding from Universal Windows Direct.