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Entry Doors Kent OH Is your front door a bore? While entry doors are a critical component to your exterior, they serve many purposes aside from separating your home from the outside world. The concept of a front door has been around for hundreds of years, but luckily there are many modern options and upgrades to enjoy for your Kent, Ohio home---especially if you choose a new door from Universal Windows Direct.

What do You Need in a Door?

With all the options available to homeowners, it helps to take a step back and consider what truly matters. While different Kent homeowners have different needs, there is something for everyone at Universal Windows Direct.

If You Need Energy Efficiency...

Our entry doors are engineered with a polyurethane foam core. This core is roughly 2" thick and helps maximize the thermal efficiency of the door. In turn, your home will feel warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer while your energy bills remain low.

If You Need a Durable Front Door...

UWD offers two types of durable front door materials: steel and fiberglass. Fiberglass doors are engineered with a reinforced skin that is highly resistant to dents, dings, and scratches.

Steel doors are another excellent option in terms of durability. Not only are they durable, but they also provide an extra level of security for peace of mind.

If You Want a Stylish Entry Door...

You'll have nearly endless options to choose from with UWD. Whether you choose steel or fiberglass materials, we have a great selection of paint and stain colors available. But if you can't find the perfect fit, there's no need to fret. You also have the option to order your entry door primed and paint it your ideal color.

However, there are other stylistic options to consider other than color. You can add decorative glass directly on your door, on the top, or on the sides. Otherwise known as sidelites and transom windows, these decorative options can add pizzazz to your front door while making a warm and inviting impression.

Universal Windows Direct is the top source for quality and affordable doors in Kent. When you’re ready to make this easy yet effective exterior upgrade, contact us today for a quote.