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Energy Efficient Windows Canton OH Are you looking to save money on your energy bills? If you're like most homeowners in Canton, OH, you might decide to replace your windows to help lower the cost. While energy efficient windows can help you save up to $465 per year on your utility bills, your mileage may vary depending on window quality and energy saving features.

Universal Windows Direct offers some of the most advanced technology in the industry for energy savings. When you combine our energy saving glass packages with our affordable prices, there's simply no better option than UniShield®.

What are UniShield® Replacement Windows?

UniShield® is an exclusive glass package found at Universal Windows Direct. It combines energy saving technology to keep your utility bills low, starting with argon and krypton gases.

Argon and krypton gases are denser than air and enhance the thermal efficiency of the window. It's inserted between the panes of glass during the manufacturing process. Argon is the less expensive option, and it’s typically included with dual pane glass packages. Krypton is denser than argon and more commonly found in the tight chambers of triple pane replacement windows. It is also more expensive than argon.

In addition to including argon and krypton gas, UniShield® glass packages also include low-e glazing. This is available in one or two coats, and its purpose is to help filter harmful UV rays that make their way into the home.

Lastly, homeowners can take their pick between dual or triple pane windows. Dual pane windows are a classic staple in American homes. They have been around for decades and help make your home feel warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. They are also efficient at keeping your energy bills low.

If you’re looking to truly maximize your investment with new energy efficient windows, consider triple pane glass. Triple pane includes a third pane of glass that keeps out the elements, blocks out drafts, and keeps your home cozy throughout the seasons. Furthermore, triple pane also adds the added benefit of sound blocking technology—allowing you to sleep peacefully through loud outdoor noise from nearby roads, barking dogs, and more.

Get the most out of your new windows by choosing UniShield® from Universal Windows Direct. Contact us today for a free quote.